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Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant | Yoga Teacher |Certified Food and Spirit™ Practitioner

Hi I am Katie

I believe the food choices we make are extremely important, not only because food is essential for the foundation of our health, but it also connects us to our emotions, creativity, intuition, wisdom, people, animals, nature and the universe.  Food can be a powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.  Its effect can impact more than just our physical body because we are all multi-faceted beings.  [read more]


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My Recent Blog

Things I Learned in Nutrition School about Detoxification


Does the word DETOX turn you off?
The word CLEANSE sounds softer . . .  . . doesn't it?
But lets get REAL:

Our world today is, undeniably, filled with TOXINS (any thing that stands in the way of our growth or health) and about once or twice a year, I believe we need to consciously DE-TOX to escort those “things” out of our life. 
Enrolling in nutrition school 10 years ago awakened me to the difference between a CONSCIOUS detox and a weekend of “cleansing” by simply eliminating sugar and alcohol.


Latest Recipe

Thai Noodle Salad

I'm playing around my kitchen again with some new recipes for my Spring Detox.   Although mangoes are considered a pretty "sweet" tropical fruit, which we stay away from during hte detox, I couldn't resist using them in this in my so called "Thai" noodle salad.   When I'm on the actual detox I can substitute them with berries or even fresh spring cherries.

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