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Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant | Yoga Teacher |Certified Food and Spirit™ Practitioner

Hi I am Katie

I believe the food choices we make are extremely important, not only because food is essential for the foundation of our health, but it also connects us to our emotions, creativity, intuition, wisdom, people, animals, nature and the universe.  Food can be a powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.  Its effect can impact more than just our physical body because we are all multi-faceted beings.  [read more]


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My Recent Blog

FIre Chakra – Food and Spirit Symbolism

I live in Northern Californian and for the past week our state has been consumed by FIRE. We’ve all been affected; whether from personal loss, donating money, supplies or services, supporting and helping friends and family in need, or feeling stressed and anxious from constant news updates penetrating our daily lives.

We’re also very, very grateful for the huge number of  firefighters and volunteers who responded within minutes of the first flames. And their hard work continues in Napa and Sonoma counties where fire still rages.   Thank you, thank you, thank you Brave Souls!!!
On a more subtle level, we may be FEELING the affects of fire throughout our whole body, mind and spirit.
As a yoga teacher who loves studying the Yoga Chakra System and certified in Food and Spirit, my curiosity has led me to question the symbolism of the 3rd Chakra or FIRE ASPECT.

How can we cool down both the external and internal flames from these fires?

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Latest Recipe

Butternut Squash and Apple Salad

I brought this salad for lunch today and when I showed it to a friend she said: "Oh my doesn't that look healhty?"

Then I told her the recipe was on my detox.  Her eyes popped wide and once again I hopefully dispelled the myth that detox is all about green juices, smoothies and detox teas. 
NOT on my 14 Day detox!!!!

This is the new normal way of eating folks!

When we begin to eat more fresh, seasonal, organic, whole foods you start craving this kind of diet.  And the more bitter foods you bring in the less you crave sugar.  (Note: this salad has 4 cups of finely chopped chard and kale)

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