FIRE Chakra – Food and Spirit Symbolism

I live in Northern Californian and for the past week our state has been consumed by FIRE. We’ve all been affected; whether from personal loss, donating money, supplies or services, supporting and helping friends and family in need, or feeling stressed and anxious from constant news updates penetrating our daily lives.
We’re also very, very grateful for the huge number of  firefighters and volunteers who responded within minutes of the first flames. And their hard work continues in Napa and Sonoma counties where fire still rages.   Thank you, thank you, thank you Brave Souls!!!
On a more subtle level, we may be FEELING the affects of fire throughout our whole body, mind and spirit.
As a yoga teacher who loves studying the Yoga Chakra System and certified in Food and Spirit, my curiosity has led me to question the symbolism of the 3rd Chakra or FIRE ASPECT.

How can we cool down both the external and internal flames from these fires?

According to yoga tradition, chakras are part of our subtle body – the part of us we can’t see or touch but certainly can feel energy (envision the electrical wiring in your house you don’t actually “see” but certainly “feel”) . Also called Energy Medicine, the seven chakras are key points in our body that are like wheels or vortexes of energy.

When energy in any wheel becomes blocked or is in excess it can trigger physical, mental, or emotional imbalances that manifest in symptoms such as anxiety, lethargy, or poor digestion.

Lets look at the Symbolism of the Fire Aspect or 3rd chakra.
Physically – located in the solar plexus it governs:

  • Whole digestive system – stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, small intestines, and our mid back.

Symbolically – this chakra is about:

  • Heat, Fire, Radiance, Brilliance, Empowerment, Confidence, Self esteem, Ego, Energy, Transformation, Catalyst, Spark, Achievement , Perfection, Balance & Stress Management

I interpret this vortex of energy as a hub to transform and sustain energy. We transform food /fuel into energy with a healthy digestive system. We’re also trying to “digest” all the news / information coming at us.   We either transform it into motivation with discipline to move forward or let go of it!   This is a constant practice for me lately. Just Let it go….. Let it go……. and concentrate on what’s right in from of me.

I believe the state of Californian is experiencing an EXCESS Fire Aspect.
From my certification in Food and Spirit, I’ve learned that imbalances in our chakras can show up in many forms.

How  does Excess FIRE show up in personal eating habits, physical body and personality?

EXCESS FIRE Food and Eating Habits may show up as:

  • Craving foods high in sugar / corn syrup, processed, fast foods, energy drinks, excessive caffeine (quick fix foods that promise energy but end up depleting our fire)
  • Eating sweets as reward for hard work
  • Eating fast, on the run, what ever’s convenient, multi tasking while eating

EXCESS FIRE in our BODY may show up as:

  • Excess weight in upper belly, distended abdomen
  • metabolic syndrome or type 2 Diabetes
  • Plagued by “hot” digestive complaints after meals or emotional events like: ulcers, acid stomach, upset stomach, acid reflux, burping

EXCESS fire PERSONALITY may show up as:

  • Type A, over the top go getter, excessively busy, high achiever
  • Borderline egotistical, overly confident
  • Competitive, overly perfectionist,
  • Says “Yes” to every thing

There are many ways to bring balance to our whole selves and hope these nutrition and lifestyle tips help balance an excessive Fire.


  • Minimize sugars, processed foods (flour products) and foods low in fiber (learn to do this by joining my upcoming 14 day Autumn detox )
  • AVOID Artificial sweeteners, sodas, energy drinks
  • Minimize caffeine
  • Eat 3 square meals /day

Thoughts and emotions How does FIRE show up in your life?

  • What gives you energy and what takes it away?
  • Does information get “stuck” in your body?
  • Are you blazing brightly in brilliance or burnt to a crisp in stress?
  • What needs to be transformed in your life?
  • What opinions and judgments need to be burned 
  • What gives you the spark to carry on and be motivated to accomplish activities; how can you get more of this (these) catalyst(s)?


  • Stress management movement like yoga, tai chi, qi Gong
  • Spend time in nature, hiking, biking, playing
  • Ensure you have play time!


  • I enjoy life
  • I am full and complete within
  • I am enough

Don’t forget that with all the Chakras, people can have FIRE qualities that are CONSTITUTIONAL from birth 
or CONDITIONAL from the environment.
It’s important to understand what excessive, balanced or deficient characteristics of FIRE look like when they show up and how to make yourself “whole “ again.

Let’s hope California starts to “cool down” and that those experiencing loss have strength, energy and an internal fire to spark their motivation to move forward.

I love to infuse chakra wisdom, nutrition tips and of course yoga postures to help balance your chakras in my weekly yoga classes. Check them out HERE.