Guess What’s Happening in November?

My next guided, hand-held, delicious, satisfying and healing 2-week detox begins!
November 6th – 20th with 3 class meetings
It seems most nutrition clients I consult with proclaim a pretty healthy diet. But admit they could use support with weight loss, more energy,  prevent dementia or turn a medical diagnosis around.
Could a 2-week guided detox really help these desires?

You bet it could!
But the catch is – YOU need to discover what foods and lifestyle habits promote well-being in your unique body, mind and spirit. As a yoga teacher you’ve heard me say:

“Yoga Works! As long as you practice it!”

And the same applies to our diet and lifestyle choices.

While participating in my 14-day detox I will guide and help you discover how to listen to your own body.

I call it – Discovering the Language of YOUR body.

“I wanted to share something that happened this morning.
I was happily, busy in the kitchen fixing our healthy breakfast.  My husband was there and on his computer working.  All the sudden he just stops and looks at me with tears in his eyes and says “I would pay Katie Carter 5 times what you paid. You’re back. I have my wife back.  Look at you so full of energy and happiness.”
Thank you, Margo Lambert

By eliminating the top known inflammatory foods for 2 weeks and then one by one slowing re-introducing them back into your diet, you’ll learn rather quickly and clearly:

  • How your body speaks to you
  • What foods you need to AVOID
  • What foods you can consume once in a while
  • What foods you need to increase

With 3 class meetings on detoxing you’ll also discover:

  • Detox recipes are actually VERY tasty
  • You won’t feel deprived or hungry
  • Benefits of Intermittent fasting
  • Bulletproof coffee – does it work for everyone?
  • You’ll feel very supported with a like minded group
  • I will try to the best of my ability to answer all your detox questions!!!!

I know that the word “detox” has bad undertones. You might imagine drinking some weird concoction, being constantly hungry, having to run to the bathroom all the time, or otherwise suffering and depriving yourself.

The kind of detox I lead is intelligently designed to eliminate SUGAR and all the things that convert to sugar quickly. We take out the “bad stuff” and bring in the “good stuff”!

I promise you won’t feel deprived in fact you’ll probably eat more than normal because it all nutrient dense, filled with fiber and designed to speed up circulation and sweep out the toxins.   It’s really a chance to heal your body on many levels and help banish excess weight, brain fog, joint pain, low energy, post nasal drip and more.

Do you agree, “Getting healthy is a Team Sport”?
Let’s do this 14-day detox together!

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The biggest thing I learned from Katie Carter is now I think before I eat.”
Corbett Riley