What an Auspicious New Year’s Eve…..

What an auspicious New Year’s Eve we experienced last night in Northern California.   With the moon almost full, 2017 transformed into 2018 without a breath of wind, balmy temperatures, and our bonfire smoke funneled straight upward.  Without smoke in our eyes, could it be an omen to funnel past obstacles and view life from a broader perspective.

We gathered with close friends to “let go” and burn anything that blocks us from moving forward in our life. We “called in” qualities to help us become our true selves in the New Year.
Our NYE ritual was a collective gathering.   Each person spoke their own truth, which also felt like  . . . . My truth.  We’re all so connected but yet at times feel so alone.
My intention for 2018 is to flourish, focus (on finishing my book) and flap my wings.
And first and foremost I need support from my TRIBE of family and friends.
So I plan to make more of an effort to “connect” and not feel isolated on this challenging journey we call life. Collectively we have more brains, bodies and spirits to make sense of chaos and confusion that arises no matter how informed or organized we feel.   And together we get more hugs and reinforcement!
I encourage you to reach out and stay connected to other kindred spirits.
It heals body, mind and heart without all the willpower and discipline when we venture alone.
You probably know where a nutrition consultant is headed with this New Year’s note.   I’m offering you an opportunity to gather with other folks who know a Dietary Reset would benefit their WHOLE BEING.
My 14-Day Dietary Reset is actually the new way of eating for optimal health.
I am an educator and love to share some of the science behind why our aging bodies break down and expand.  But I also love to inspire and share a formula (with lots of recipes and tips) to learn and practice TOGETHER!
Would any of these benefits of a RESET resonate with you?
  • Help change your family’s eating habits in the New Year?
  • Lose weight so that you can keep it off with ease and grace.
  • Heal the gut, adrenals, & thyroid.
  • Bye, bye bloating and gas.
  • Feel better after you eat.
  • Increase your energy.
  • Feel calm, but still energetic.
  • Sleep deeper and easier.
  • Lift the mental fog and trust your brain again!
Can you join us January 16 – 30th?
Make it fun and bring a friend or family member along to share the experience.  I’m offering $20 off for both sign ups.
Regular $195 per person is now $175 per person when you bring someone along.  This includes my Dietary Reset booklet, 3 /1 ½  hour classes, daily emails and 2 supportive supplements to replenish and heal your gut.
I hope to help you fulfill your New Year’s Intentions for optimal health!!!