miyu 2“Thank YOU so much for the wonderful 10 DAY DETOX.
I’ve learned so much about my self and the realizations of all kinds of “relationships” I had with food. I felt a mental and emotional cleanse as well.
There were some challenging times but I made it through creativity. All my “sweet treats” were gone, so I had to come up with other ways to bring “sweetness” to myself. What I was really hungry for was not a sugary treat but maybe just a self recognition or even a sweet thought for myself!
After the cleanse, I feel lighter, clearer and happier! And I am really happy that it’s over but going forward with more consciousness. Yay!
Well done Katie!
You are such an inspiring and loving teacher. ”
Miyu Tamamura

Cathy jpeg“Katie’s cooking and food intolerance classes are very informative and fun. Katie’s style Is so warm and supportive that making the changes to a healthy eating lifestyle becomes Life affirming and healing. I highly recommend them.”

Cathy McCain

Karel_Portrait“I knew that I needed some guidance, because my peri-menopause symptoms were getting worse even though I was eating well and living a healthy lifestyle. Katie helped me fine-tune my diet to address my needs, and helped me understand the complex world of hormones and how our diet affects this balancing act. Within 3 months of working with Katie, my uncomfortable symptoms are mostly gone and I feel better than ever and I am enjoying the creativity she has helped me rediscover in cooking and living well.”

Karel Hendee

IMG_3140“Katie guided me nutritionally in recent months. It should be illegal to feel this good! I have struggled with weight loss since I was 16. Menopause didn’t make it any easier. I am eating well and am satisfied. I’ve unhooked from sugar and bread without feeling deprived– which is huge. My sleep has improved greatly, and some joint issues resolved not related to weight. Who knew? It has given me more energy than three espressos could ever provide. My body has found hormonal balance. It is all I can do to not shout my exhuberance from the mountain tops. Did I say I feel at least 20 years younger? Katie–thank you so much!”
Liz Meyers

“I am just realizing that the food program that you are offering us and all the information you have shared is priceless. I see that the food choices we make for ourselves are about offering RESPECT to our bodies. I finally took the hood off of myopically looking at food choices, and now see the big picture-it is all about honoring ourselves, the planet, and one another. Wow. That’s pretty ‘big’. Thanks so much!”

Sharon Whitlock